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Welcome to The Aboriginal Business Directory WA

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this land, their ancestors and elders and we are committed to reconciliation among all Australians

An increasing number of State Government and private organisations are looking to work with Aboriginal businesses. This directory is a free service which brings together Aboriginal businesses operating in Western Australia with potential buyers. If you are a business owner we encourage you to list your details in the directory and take advantage of the free promotion and increased exposure to your potential customers. If you are a buyer in search of goods or services supplied by an Aboriginal business, this is the place to start your search. For more about our policies and procedures, please read our Policy documents here. For answers to frequently asked questions, please click here.

Our objectives

This directory aims to:
  • be inclusive of all industry sectors;
  • support the sustainability and growth of Aboriginal businesses;
  • develop procurement networks that will enhance the opportunities for Aboriginal businesses;
  • enhance the opportunities for Aboriginal businesses to secure business and contracts; and
  • provide a means for industry and government to engage with Aboriginal businesses.
The Aboriginal Business Directory WA is managed and maintained by CCI's Industry Capability Network of WA.

Need help?

For assistance with connecting your company to this directory, or for any technical issues, email info@abdwa.com.au


To register on the Aboriginal Business Directory WA, your organisation must satisfy the following criteria:

Aboriginal Businesses:
  • be established and fully operational;
  • be registered as a business in WA;
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN);
  • be at least 50 per cent owned by an Aboriginal interest; and
  • the Aboriginal interests are represented in the management and operations of the entity.

You must provide details of any changes in the ownership of the business when they take place.

Incorporated Aboriginal Organisations (may include not-for-profit organisations or Aboriginal organisations):
  • be established and fully operational in WA;
  • be registered as a business in WA;
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN);
  • the controlling body is able to provide evidence of incorporation;
  • the make-up of the Board or management committee of the incorporated entity consists of at least 50 per cent Aboriginal members; and
  • the Aboriginal interests is represented in the management and operations of the incorporated entity.
Incorporated Indigenous joint ventures must:
  • Be an incorporated company (registered with ASIC or ORIC as an Aboriginal Corporation) formed through the incorporation of an Indigenous business and a non-Indigenous business.
  • Be at least cumulatively 50% owned by an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person(s).
  • Be able to demonstrate at least 50% Indigenous control (involvement) of the joint venture and Indigenous involvement in the management of the joint venture.
  • Be for-profit in that the joint venture is able to distribute its equity to its shareholders and not be a registered charity in its own right.
  • Be able to trade as a business in its own right.
  • Be registered in Australia.
  • Demonstrate commercial independence.
Additionally, as part of this registration they must have in place:
  • a strategy to build the capability of the Indigenous business partner; and
  • an Indigenous workforce strategy.

You must provide details of the current membership of your Board, identifying Aboriginal members and advise of any changes to the Board when they take place.

Our logo

Our logo was inspired by the artwork Kangaroo Travelling by Deborah Coertse (also known as Deborah Newenham). Deborah was born in Fremantle Western Australia to an Aboriginal mother and Dutch father. She began painting in 1994 and has since sold numerous pieces of original artwork. Deborah now runs Yirra-Kurl, her own successful business where she designs, manufactures and wholesales her artwork to the tourist market. Deborah's paintings depict her interpretation of life and all things living. Her bright and colorful designs have become a distinctive feature of Yirra-Kurl products.
ABDWA is Managed By the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCIWA) and Industry Capability Network Western Australia (ICNWA)