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New Zealand
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Company Profile

Alloy Bearings Limited is a multi-generational family business that was established in 1958. We specialize in the manufacture, supply, and refurbishment of Whitemetal/Babbitt Bearings found in critical industrial equipment such as Compressors, Gearboxes, Mills, Motors, Turbines and Pumps. Alloy Bearings has a strong working relationship with the majority of Whitemetal bearing OEM's due to our extensive experience in the same industry. We are the Australasian agent/distributor for Kingsbury Bearings and Miba Bearings (ex-John Crane/Orion). We provide end users with technical support and direct supply (like for like) bearings from these manufacturers saving end users both time and money. Alloy Bearings have remetalled, but are not limited to, bearings with an inside diameter of 50mm through to 1,580mm. Our capabilities include reverse engineering of existing bearings to produce a spare or replacement bearing.

Products and Services

Whitemetal analysis of existing Whitemetal
Full inwards inspection findings on the as received bearing to assess Whitemetal failure mode
Comprehensive report of the works carried out which includes;
Locating diameter inspection
Root cause analysis Features/Oil galleries detail recording in case of no drawings
We only use virgin Whitemetal
Photos taken at all stages through the process
Whitemetal certificate showing the Whitemetal composition used in the bearing
3rd Party NDT certificate for the tests carried out during process. Minimum acceptance criteria of UT are AS 2824 - 1985 - E2/L2 & typically for over 95% of the jobs we achieve E1/L1 which is the highest standard
Final machined ITR showing all critical dimensional info (useful to end user at time of bearing installation)
Alloy Bearings job number is stamped on every bearing we remetal, this number is titled throughout the report for record keeping and future traceability.