MOLEC Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd

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Warehouse, Head Office

Unit 11, 37-39 Little Boundary Rd
Laverton North VIC 3026
+61 3 9315 1200
+61 3 4143 8637
+61 3 9314 3959

ABN  74104145815

Company Profile

MOLEC Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd. is an Electrical Contracting Company which is registered to perform electrical works in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales and have been servicing the industry for over 30 years. Our Philosophy: - Our philosophy at MOLEC is to place Reliability, Creativity and Honesty at the core of every activity which are principals we encourage all of our team to dedicate themselves to. Our Aspirations: - We aspire not only to deliver to our customers expectations but to exceed those expectations and needs at every opportunity, especially where multiple outcomes are achievable while only one or a limited number were originally intended. Our Commitments: - Maintain a safe and productive workplace Always consider what is possible Be broad minded in our thinking and deliver Consult and be inclusive Bring together a wide range of disciplines as needed to create a dynamic team Maximise potential through progressive training

Products and Services

Emulator/Simulator/A.R. Integration and Design
Specialist Electrical Services
Design & Integration
Industrial Electrical Services


Registered Electrical Contractors, Victoria, NSW, QLD