Austest Laboratories

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Austest Laboratories is an independent testing and certification company offering the most comprehensive and publicly available environmental, mechanical, EMC/EMI, electrical and acoustic testing facilities in Australia and NZ for defence, aerospace and commercial clients. Austest is the only test house offering "one-stop-shop" solutions and laboratories in NSW, VIC and SA

Products and Services

  • Environmental testing - Mechanical:
  • Environmental testing - Climatic:
  • Environmental testing - Pressure:
  • Environmental testing - Accelerated ageing:
  • Environmental testing - Acoustic:
  • EMC/EMI testing:
  • MIL-STD testing
  • Electrical Safety Testing
  • Energy Efficiency Testing
  • International Approvals
  • Safety approvals via ASA
  • Telecommunications Testing
  • Wireless Product testing



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Contact Details

Main Office
Unit 2, 9 Packard Avenue
Castle Hill NSW 2154
ABN  78094656354

Other Locations

Para Hills West SA
Reservoir VIC
+61 03 9355 5564
The APV-T is a NATA (ILAC) and FiA accredited mechanical and environmental test laboratory and is expanding to meet the changing needs of Australian industry. APV-T provides R&D, certification and production testing, as well as specialised engineering, high speed camera and field support to a wide range of industries which include: Automotive (OEM and aftermarket) Defence Aviation Transportation seating Component manufacturers
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About Us: We are your specialist Power Generation rental, hire, lease, sales company of choice based in Perth, WA formed in 2008 that provides power generation equipment rentals and sales to Mining, Construction, Civil, Events, Film and General Hire that meets the needs of our customers no matter what the application. 'Quality Products Supported by Quality Service' Diesel Generators up to 1250kVA Solutions & Power Systems of the Future Reliable Equipment at Competitive Rates Fully Automated Mechanical & Electrical Service, Maintenance & Repairs State Wide Professional technical advice, support and training Fuel Efficient Equipment Environmentally effective equipment meeting quality rating in concerns such as noise pollution, vibration and ground disturbance and containment and control of potential chemical spills.
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Essential Facilities Services is a professional, proactive and trusted provider of commercial cleaning services. We thrive on taking a client-centred approach to business, and believe in building a partnership with our clients to meet and exceed expectations. We have over 30 years combined experience of high level management and operations throughout the cleaning and facility services industry. We value efficiency at every stage, and have the capacity to implement cost-saving initiatives that ensure we can deliver a premium service to our clients at the best rate. All Workplace Health and Safety systems at Essential Facilities Services have been developed pursuant to industry standards. We're committed to using eco-friendly products and techniques to ensure our operations are socially and environmentally responsible. We have all necessary key insurances policies, which are reviewed and renewed annually. Certificates of Currency for each policy and state are available
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