Austest Laboratories

Contact Details

Main Office

Unit 2, 9 Packard Avenue
Castle Hill NSW 2154
+61 2 9680 9990
+61 2 8850 3113

ABN  78094656354

Other Locations

Brisbane QLD

Para Hills West SA

Reservoir VIC

Company Profile

Austest Laboratories is an independent testing and certification company offering the most comprehensive and publicly available environmental, mechanical, EMC/EMI, electrical and acoustic testing facilities in Australia and NZ for defence, aerospace and commercial clients. Austest is the only test house offering "one-stop-shop" solutions and laboratories in NSW, VIC and SA

Products and Services

Environmental testing - Mechanical:
Environmental testing - Climatic:
Environmental testing - Pressure:
Environmental testing - Accelerated ageing:
Environmental testing - Acoustic:
EMC/EMI testing:
MIL-STD testing
Electrical Safety Testing
Energy Efficiency Testing
International Approvals
Safety approvals via ASA
Telecommunications Testing
Wireless Product testing