New Generation Power Systems Pty Ltd

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Head Office and Workshop

Unit 1 #12 Action Place Wangara. 6065
Perth WA 6065
+61 8 9303 2466
+61 8 9303 2488

ABN  18130573018

Company Profile

New Generation Power Systems Pty Ltd is a specialist Power Generation rental, hire, lease, and sales company based in Perth, WA. We were formed in 2008 and provide power generation equipment rentals and sales to Mining, Construction, Civil, Events, Film and General Hire. Our Technical personnel have years of experience within the power generation industry and specialise in offering a customised service of power generation for hire. For projects, our hire machines can be custom build and designed in consultation with the client to meet the clients' specific requirements and operational needs, such as size and type of machines and environmental conditions. Our range of equipment currently ranges from 12.5kVA to 1250kVA, all equipment 100kVA and above has our standard utility specification control system. All equipment is rated to run at ambient 50C and is designed and build for Western Australian conditions.

Products and Services

Diesel Generators up to 1250kVA
Mechanical & Electrical Service
Maintenance & Repairs Statewide
Fuel Efficient Equipment
Professional technical advice, support, and training