W&E Platt Pty Ltd

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Head Office

10 Stennett Rd
Ingleburn NSW 2565

+61 2 9829 0400
+61 2 9605 5720

ABN  18127236266

Company Profile

W& E Platt is 100% Australian-owned enterprise specialised in the design, testing, prototyping, manufacturing, installation and ILS of weapon mounts, ancillaries and ordnance parts for law enforcement and military entities. W& E Platt offers a wide range of solutions with high performance and combat proven including weapon mounts, tripods, gunners stands, wire cutters and other brackets and ancillaries. Incorporated in 1980, W&E Platt remains in business by listening to and understanding customers' needs.

Products and Services

Weapon Mounts and ancillaries. Ringmounts, Swingmounts, Tripods, Wire cutters, gunner stands, Flipmounts, ammo holders, ammo catch bags, T&E Mechanisms and other acessories for military vehicles and navy vessels.
Product Development & Testing: development of concepts, prototype build and test validation.
In house Engineering: Solid Edge 3D CAD, FEMAP, FEA (FEMAP) and LAB view to enable innovative solutions and rapid prototyping.
Technical Publications: operation and maintenance manuals, training and ILS data development.
Simultaneous 9-axis CNC Machining
3-axis CNC Machining
Skiving (OD/ID splines)
Dual Spindle and Turret
Cutters cutting
CNC Milling and manual milling
Turn-cut (via Machining Navi)
Complex fitting and assembly


ISO 9001