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Kwinana Beach WA 6167
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ABN  39137226021
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Williamstown North VIC

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SafeRad SE Asia Pty Ltd are World leaders in Close Proximity Radiography, servicing the Oil, Gas, Mining, Shipping, Chemical Process, Fabrication and Construction Sectors. We have been operating in Australia since 2009. The SafeRad radiography system eliminates the need to evacuate personnel. We are the only company in the world with a purpose built Multi-Functional Radiography system that offers both Close Proximity and Conventional Radiography (One System All Methods) and are world leaders in Close Proximity Radiography where no one has to be evacuated for what is normally a hazardous operation. Conventional Radiography methods emit radiation over a wide area, and this requires evacuation of all personnel. SafeRad Radiography is the ultimate solution to the conflict between evacuations for Radiography and the requirement to carry out simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) to meet schedules.

Products and Services

Close proximity radiography
Conventional X-ray and gamma radiography
Magnetic particle inspection
Dye Penetrant inspection
Ultrasonic testing inspection, heat treatment
Ferrite, PMI, hardness and boroscope inspection