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AJM United was formed in 1991. We are privately owned and operated and have been providing Engineering and Construction Solutions to a range of clients, both domestically and internationally. We specialise in Construction and Engineering services to the Petrochemical, Gas, Water Treatment Plants, Mining, Railway and Power Industries. We have vast experience in the Construction, Management and Maintenance of various facilities. AJM places a large amount of value on our Engineering and Management Systems. Our team include consultants, engineers, and designers whose experience encompasses Project Managers and engineering disciplines, such as Mechanical, Piping, Structural, Civil Process, Instrument and Electrical. AJM United has franna cranes, diesel generators, poly welding machines, normal welding machines, wire feeders,1x4t maintenance truck, 4x2t maintenance trucks, prime mover, trailers including low loader, with many more to list.

Products and Services

  • Maintenance - On call services
  • Buildings, Silos and Tanks
  • Refinery shutdowns to new Petrochemical plants
  • Bridges, Road transport and Material handling industry
  • Mining and Power stations
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Railways, Waterways and Public Works
  • Labour Hire service
  • Plant and Equipment Hire


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 18001
  • AS4801
  • NSW Edt 5 WHS Guideline standard

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5 Junction Street
Auburn NSW 2144
ABN  71053351901
+61 02 9516 0220
Createch Industries is a ISO45001, ISO9001, ISO14001 certified specialist consulting, manufacturing and construction service provider that is proven performer consistently providing quality project outcomes for our valued clients. In addition to our consulting, manufacturing and construction services, we provide shutdown and maintenance labour using our qualified and reliable tradespeople through our dedicated labour hire division. A wholly Australian owned and operated company we promote a deep respect and strong connection to land on which we operate. With significant operational experience within asset maintenance (both design and construction services) we partner with our clients to ensure achievement of their operational goals.
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Residential/Commercial/Industrial/Mining Construction. Earthmoving and Civil Works. Transport and Crane Trucks.
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+61 07 4972 4003
Xtreme Engineering can provide a full turnkey package to suit your project needs 'from workshop to site'. We can also manage various packages of work to tie your project into one managed entity.
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