Archicomm P/L

Contact Details

Head Office

77 Upper Heidelberg Road
Ivanhoe VIC 3079

+61 130 033 6338
ABN  29169643358

Company Profile

Archicomm is a company providing specialist property inspections, reporting, analytical forensic engineering and other professional services to the building industry. We are an emerging force in the property defects/dilapidation reporting and forensic engineering arena in Australia. We provide comprehensive inspection surveys with a highly experienced team of field staff, delivering information to all stakeholders through Uptick, our transparent live technology platform. In Victoria, significant current projects include Pre and Post Dilapidation Reporting for the Melbourne Cross Yarra Tunnel; building defects reporting for numerous body corporate facing urgent facade and building issues; and Forensic Engineering reporting and remedial advice to building owners managers and residents to do with a wide range of building failures across residential institutional and commercial sectors.

Products and Services

Dilapidation Surveys
Existing Condition Reports
Road/Street Asset Surveys
Commercial Property Inspection Service
Engineering Services
Compliance Property Inspections
Project Management
Asset Management Services
Property Valuations