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Di Mattia Transport (DMT) is based and operates in the Sydney metropolitan and regional areas. DMT was established in 1997 and are leaders in railway maintenance and construction. DMT provide services in rail, roads, local government, civil construction and land development throughout NSW and the whole East Coast of Australia. We employ some of the most specialist teams to provide industry expertise to our clients. We understand the challenges and demands of this industry, and work towards a solution to delivery. We are currently constructing a purpose build, state of the art facility of 2,500 sqm, which will allow efficient operations, provide modern training facilities and be home to an in-house test track. DMT is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery with the latest machine technology. Our machines are maintained weekly and looked over before every job. We truly have the best quality machines for the task.

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  • Plant and Equipment Hire Civil
  • Hi Rail Plant and Equipment

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4 Gatwood Close
Padstow NSW 2211
ABN  67101074631
+61 4 6618 4246
Shotcrete Australia is a medium sized privately-owned construction company specializes in providing shoring solution with proven expertise in Anchoring, Piling and Shotcreting. Shotcrete Australia offers competitive rates with high quality workmanship and exceptional service, Through the ongoing training of our employee's and the use of the latest technology and machinery. At Shotcrete Australia, safety is our top priority so, we maintain one of the highest safety records within the industry. Shotcrete Australia understands the needs of major top tier construction contractors that require the delivery of key components of work within a set time frame & budget in the constraints of the modern complex construction world. The commitment of our team at all levels from construction director to foreman & on-site labour, allows us to consistently deliver all types of projects safely, on time and within budget.
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Inland Civil and Rail is an experienced, professional and reliable wet and dry equipment hire company assisting clients operating in rail, local and state government infrastructure, plus the mining and land development sectors. From our central location in Dubbo, we serve clients across regional NSW with no-fuss access to equipment and labour. Our clients include organisations such as John Holland and ARTC
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