Citadel Medical Pty Ltd

Contact Details

Head Office

1/59 Belmont Avenue
Belmont WA 6104
1300 974 633

ABN  27624571026

Company Profile

Citadel Medical provides innovative technology and end-to-end custom health services to the mining and construction industries, from pre-employment medicals and on-site paramedical services to preventative and ongoing healthcare. Our onsite medical and allied health staff specialise in remote healthcare utilising the best technology, practitioners and equipment for high-quality, integrated, and accountable medical services. Reduce the number of incidents and injuries on your sites. Keep costs down and employees healthy and productive with Citadel Medical.

Products and Services

Remote Medical Services including:
Onsite paramedics, medical and allied health staff
Telehealth patient consultations
Telehealth group on-site-health education and training
Pandemic / COVID-19 Response
Education and training in:
Remote area and general first aid
Mental Health First Aid
Paramedic CPD training
Premium occupational health care services including:
Pre-employment Medicals
Pre-employment Psychometric Testing
Pre-mobilisation Engagement
Executive Medical Services
Injury Management
Medical Staffing Solutions including:
Medical Advisory
Post Incident Reviews
Emergency Management Drills and Exercises
Workplace OH and S Assessments
Workplace Preparedness Audits
Poison Permit Audits
Off-site Incident Response
Critical Incident Response
Emergency and Critical Incident Media Management and Training.
Fire & Rescue
Remote Incident Management Services