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SafePak Industrial Supplies is a family owned and operated supplier based in the Albury/Wodonga region. We are an Industrial reseller and distributor offering HiVis Workwear, Traditional Workwear, Safety Boots, PPE, Industrial Packaging, First Aid and much more. Our company commenced in 2003 specialising in first Aid, and have expanded to specialising in Safety Products, PPE, Signage, Workwear, Packaging, Promotional items and much more. SafePak Industrial Supplies also incorporates Border Embroidery & Corporate to offer corporate uniforms and in-house embroidery services. Our brands include Biz Collection, Blundstone Boots, ELWOOD, Hard Yakka and many more.

Products and Services

  • Workwear,
  • Corporate Uniforms,
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),
  • First Aid
  • Spill Control &
  • Defibs

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Industrial Safety Supplier
75 Catherine Crescent
Lavington NSW 2641
1300 793 322
+61 408 006 943
ABN  92054302401
+61 02 8785 4600
Founded in 1945, Hydraulink are a leading manufacturer & supplier of hose and fittings, with over 400 service points throughout Australia, New Zealand & the Asia Pacific Region. We operate a 24/7 mobile service, allowing you to rely on us whenever you need assistance - anytime, day or night. We are committed to getting your business back on track with minimal downtime. In addition to our supply, manufacture and 24/7 service, we also supply custom containerised hose workshops & manufacture & install OEM kits. From our rapid repair service to workshop expertise and on-site support at remote large-scale projects, Hydraulink are there to give you the right products and services at the right time. Our goal is to deliver maximum value alongside unparalleled service, creating long-term business relationships. Hydraulink are an experienced, trusted brand built on excellent service, supplying fast, effective & reliable hydraulic hoses, fittings & services to various industries
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+61 180 033 5550
For 30 years we here at Allied Pumps have been specialising in and innovating purpose-built and complete water package pumping and treatment solutions locally, nationally and internationally. When it comes to hydraulic services equipment, we are the preferred provider for pumping, treatment and storage nationally.
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Yilay is about bridging the cultural knowledge gap between corporate Australia and the broader Indigenous community. We use Indigenous artwork as an educational and engagement tool to help educate corporates and mainstream Australia on Indigenous values, beliefs, cultural practices and protocols. With every job, we produce stories from the artist, this enables us to showcase and respect the cultural knowledge and vision the artist is trying to portray. As an Indigenous owned business, we utilise the knowledge passed down from our ancestors, to help communicate and engage with our clients and wider community. We do this by maintaining a professional standard whilst always valuing our cultural integrity and commitment to the Indigenous community. This is ingrained in our core values and is something we strive to abide by at all levels of the business. Yilay focuses on seperating itself from its competitors by offering quality, comfortable, bespoke garments and products.
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