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Here at Futuretek Civil we pride ourselves in being Victoria's Premier Vacuum Excavation Service Supplier as we are cost effective and produce fast results. We build trust by delivering on our promises with excellence while focusing on safety.Non Destructive Excavation which is also known as Hydro Excavation,Non Destructive Digging (NDD)and Vacuum Excavation, is the safe and efficient alternative to mechanical digging, The most smartest and most economically friendly non dig approach. Due to our state of the art technology this enables us to advance our safety and quality performance in order to maintain very best standards in our industry. Visit us at www.ftekcivil.com.au

Products and Services

  • Vacuum Excavation
  • Hydro Excavation
  • Pit Cleaning
  • Asset Locating
  • Industrial Services
  • Environmental Services


  • Environmental Management (4001)
  • OH&S Management (4801)

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Head Office
29 Ravenhall Way
Ravenhall VIC 3023
ABN  43634877688
+61 4 6618 4246
Shotcrete Australia is a medium sized privately-owned construction company specializes in providing shoring solution with proven expertise in Anchoring, Piling and Shotcreting. Shotcrete Australia offers competitive rates with high quality workmanship and exceptional service, Through the ongoing training of our employee's and the use of the latest technology and machinery. At Shotcrete Australia, safety is our top priority so, we maintain one of the highest safety records within the industry. Shotcrete Australia understands the needs of major top tier construction contractors that require the delivery of key components of work within a set time frame & budget in the constraints of the modern complex construction world. The commitment of our team at all levels from construction director to foreman & on-site labour, allows us to consistently deliver all types of projects safely, on time and within budget.
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+61 02 8607 1845
We are an adaptable team of highly experienced project managers, civil constructors and electrical operators with a commitment to innovative, safe and affordable project outcomes. Throughout our history, we have developed a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable company whose ability to provide quality and cost-effective civil construction services to a broad spectrum of entities, from large industry players to private clients which has set it apart as a highly sought-after organisation of choice. Our certified safety, quality and environmental management systems ensure a seamless process from start to finish. Our values underpin our company ethos, and contribute to our processes and outcomes.
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Productivity Force provides contract and labour hire solutions for the civil and non-civil industries. We specialise in FRP works which we have being conducting on most of the large infrastructure project in NSW. Our management teams and work crews of highly skilled trades and apprentices can take on all sized projects. Productivity Force have been working with tier 1 and tier 2 companies for a number of years and understand the complexity of large infrastructure projects
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