Ceejay Precision Engineering

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Head Office, Factory

74 Division Street
Welshpool WA 6106

+61 8 9351 8051
+61 469 824 411
+61 8 9351 8051

ABN  73990288150

Company Profile

Ceejay Precision Engineering was established in 1997. We offer design and fabrication capabilities, specialising in precision machined parts for a variety of industries including Oil and gas, Mining, Aerospace and more. From the production of aircraft aluminium alloys to surgical bone drilling devices and custom automotive tools, precision machining reaches into every technology and industry. SixDe use the latest technology including CAD software (computer aided design) that uses software to translate complex 3-dimensional diagrams into precisely machined parts. Precision machining can be used on a variety of materials including steel, bronze, graphite, glass, or plastic. At SixDe, we have a variety of lathes, milling machines, drill presses, saws, and grinders to aid in the execution of your project. Our in-house team can assess the best approach for your business or project, offering years of expertise and experience in the precision machining industry.

Products and Services

CNC Milling & turning
Fabrication Light, Medium & Heavy
Tool Making & Injection Moulding
Bast & Spec Painting