Oomiak Marine

Business Profile

A Bronswerk Oomiak Company. A Joint Venture between the Oomiak and Bronswerk groups, Oomiak Marine combines a strong and trusted presence in the Australian market with internationally renowned marine HVAC and Refrigeration systems expertise.

Products and Services

  • Conceptual, basic and detailed system design Tailored equipment design and manufacturing
  • ILS documentation
  • Operator Maintenance Training
  • After-sales service and spare parts (worldwide)
  • Chillers
  • Environmental Control Systems
  • Air Handling Units
  • Weapons Cooling System Filtration
  • Compact Refrigeration Units (CUBE)

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Contact Details

Head Office
97 Harrison Road
Dudley Park SA 5008
+61 8 8345 9900
+61 498 999 198
ABN  81623811094
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Other Locations

Canning Vale WA
+61 180 033 5550
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