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OmniGrip Direct is the Blackspot safety company, providing innovative technology to eliminate Blackspots from roads and buildings. Providers of specialist surfacing systems and civil contracting services to the transport, building, architectural and landscaping industries for safety and decorative purposes. Our surfacing range includes a unique resin system with options for recycled-glass, recycled-rubber, natural stone, calcined-bauxite, and a wide range of colours that can be applied to bitumen, concrete, steel and timber surfaces. Also our road surfaces are fully compliant with road agency standards. OmniGrips direct visibility and lighting range includes emission-free enhanced visibility line marking and road signs using Smarterlite Technology, and energy-efficient LED technology to improve safety and reduce risk on roads, paths and in buildings.

Products and Services

  • Recycled-Glass safety surfaces for bike & bus lanes & pedestrian crossings
  • Skid-resistance high-friction surfaces to reduce crashes
  • Enhanced visibility photoluminescent linemarking and road signs
  • LED Safety Tactiles (TGSI) for safer pedestrians
  • LED pavement markers (stud lights) - improve visibility on roads and crossings
  • Plug 'n' Play solar lighting for existing poles at bus stops and parks


  • AS/NZS ISO9001 certified
  • AS/NZS 4801 certified
  • AS/NZS ISO14001 certified
  • Municipal Works Australia (Platinum Sponsor)
  • Victorian Department of Transport Prequalification Levels G2-LM, TGS and TMP
  • OmniGrip CST compliant with road agency specifications
  • OmniGrip HF compliant with road agency specifications
  • Sustainability Victoria Buy Recycled register

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State Office
18 Pelmet Crescent
Thomastown VIC 3074
ABN  22614493426
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Archerfield QLD
Melbourne VIC
+61 13 0024 4569
SmarterLite Group makes your roads, building and infrastructure safer, greener and better. We use proven technology to improve safer, reduce environmental impacts and lower costs. Key products include electricity-free, emission-free, battery-free environmental exit signs, enhanced visibility warning signs for workplaces, LED Safety Tactiles (Tactile Ground Surface Indicators, TGSI), solar lighting and LED stud lights and pavement markers for roads and paths. We also provide world-leading coloured recycled-glass, natural aggregate and calcined-bauxite safety surfaces for roads, paths, public spaces and buildings. Our coloured recycled-glass surfaces are made from Australian recycled-glass, reducing waste into landfill. All our surfaces uses a resin-binder system that can be applied to a wide range of substrates including bitumen, concrete, steel and timber.
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Earthco Projects is the distributor of PolyCom Stabilising Aid in VIC, NSW and TAS. At Earthco Projects we help to transform road maintenance problems into an environmental, financial and socially sustainable solution. For over 16 years, our product PolyCom Stabilising Aid an award-winning polymer binder has been used for sealed and unsealed road construction, maintenance and general earthworks, including mining haul road maintenance, transport hardstands and embankment stabilisation. PolyCom applies innovative technology to strengthen sub-grade or existing pavements, creating a tight surface which prevents erosion, improves water resistance and reduces maintenance significantly. PolyCom allows you to recycle roads, avoiding the need to import scarce and costly raw materials. Simple to use and easy to apply, PolyCom is a modern alternative to traditional road construction techniques, representing significant savings in time, water and money. We supply high quality QPR cold asphalt too.
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