Company Profile

MIB Facilities Pty Ltd is a licensed building and demolition company, who specialise in the Fuel, Retail, Commercial and Industrial sectors. Our Senior Management have been involved in Construction, Demolition, Remediation and Fuel Systems projects for over 35 years. We are leader in demolition, remediation, construction and fuel management. We are specialised and trained to deal with hazardous and high compliance situations and have experience in the delivery of fit-out and refurbishments projects and project management, having a proven track record in delivering projects to meet deadlines. MIB is a fully qualified contractor and holds all the necessary licences and insurances to undertake these works as per legislative requirements. Our projects include Construction and Fit-out of buildings. Demolition of building and fuel infrastructure. Remediation of buildings and contaminated soils. Building of petroleum sites and fuel infrastructure.

Products and Services

Civil & Construction
Fuel Management
Fuel Tank Decommissioning
Fuel System Commissioning
Project Management
Engineering Management
Hazardous, environmental specialist
Emergency/ incidents
Insurance works
Building maintenance, Carpentry, Electrical & Plumbing
Compliance works


ACT - Building & Demolition License: 2016809
NSW - Building License: 304899C
NSW - Restricted Demolition (Chemical installations) - License: AD212287
QLD - Building Construction License: 1316278
VIC - Builders License: CCB-L 53757
VIC - Demolition License: BD-L 58912
WA - Builders License: BC 103065
Currently undertaking NT Building Licensing and NT - NT Environment Protection Licensing
BROWZ Accreditation
Hexagon Approved Contractor
ISNetworld A Rated Accreditation
WPCG Accreditation
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