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DCSurveys is a specialised Dimensional Control Surveying company owned and managed by Ritchie Mulholland, Eric Kloosterman and Robert McGlade. Along with our team of surveyors we have been providing specialist survey services for over 30 years. Being ex Fugro employees we have been providing these services since the construction of the North Rankin A platform and since then have been involved in some capacity with nearly every offshore and onshore oil and gas facility in Western Australia and the Northern Territory along with many others throughout the Asian region.

Products and Services

  • Dimensional Control
  • Laser Scanning
  • Metrology
  • Survey & Geotechnical Monitoring
  • General surveying


  • Accreditation of ISO 9001, 14001 & 4801/45001 HSEQ system expected Q2 2021.

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Unit 4
44 Erceg Road

Yangebup WA 6164
+61 417 611 295
ABN  16071886112

Other Locations

Darch WA
+61 08 8130 1666
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