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Skyworkers Group Pty Ltd has been established since 2016 and has an experienced team who have been involved in some of Australia's biggest and most complex builds. Skyworkers Group offers experienced and reliable scaffolding that includes engineered solutions, access for construction/demolition, and bridging systems. We offer more speed, experience, product knowledge and quality. Our innovative ideas allow complex problems to be overcome by using the strongest product in the scaffold market. This coupled with experience and education sees our team as leaders in access and related disciplines. All builds are engineered and delivered to Australian standard. Our scaffolding equipment is manufactured in Germany and boasts certification of DIN ISO 9001:2008 which provides a higher load rating across its working platforms than any competitor. Our projects include Macquarie University Development (Lipman), St Vincent's Hospital Sydney and the International Convention Centre Sydney.

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  • Scaffolding


  • DIN ISO 9001:2008

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Head Office
17 Barangaroo Avenue

Barangaroo NSW 2000
ABN  78630104700
+61 07 3108 3241
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