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HomeGuardian.ai is a patented, world first, artificial intelligence driven behavioural analysis technology. It is 100% private and secure and is primarily applied in Aged Care, Health Care and Disability Care however has broad application throughout any industry.

Products and Services

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Fall Detection
  • Violence Detection
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Object Detection
  • Emergency Response

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HomeGuardian.ai HQ
Suite 9c
23 Main Street

Varsity Lakes QLD 4227
+61 7 2101 3957
+61 431 733 720
ABN  81636679224
Aspect Ecology delivers client-focused ecological services that capitalise on our in-depth knowledge, industry leading tools and customised workflows to produce cost-effective optimal environmental outcomes for client projects. Our extensive experience allows us to focus knowledge, skill, and insight to meet the requirements of our clients. Recognising our clients' legislative and environmental requirements, we pride ourselves on being responsive to your needs and meeting or exceeding expectations. Our team of experienced ecologists have developed highly efficient field work processes to enable quick, accurate and complete assessments, with a 100% safety track record. Whatever your project, our team of specialist ecologists can reduce your environmental risk and deliver the innovative solutions that achieve successful outcomes.
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NOVA Enviromental Pty Ltd provide services within the occupational and environmental consultancy area of, asbestos and hazardous materials building and property, surveys, assessments and reporting, remediation clearance reports, remediation air monitoring and clandestine laboratory surveys, assessments and reporting.
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+61 13 0094 0168
Virtual Security Guard offer an all-in-one state of the art solar powered portable security camera hire system. By using the latest Artificial Intelligence technology to recognise and deter intruders and vehicles from entering a premise, giving you peace of mind about the safety of your business. The Virtual Security Guard system is ideal for construction builds, construction compounds, remote areas and businesses in need of a high quality professional security surveillance system to monitor and help protect your investment.
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