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6 Corduroy Road
Elizabeth Hills NSW 2171

+61 497 265 031

ABN  49640207343

Company Profile

Water Estate Cleaning Pty Ltd commenced in 2020 and our teams are composed of highly qualified personnel. All employees undergo theoretical and practical training and we support a high level of professionalism, with continuous training. We can clean any type of surface: floors, glass tiles and many more and are available 24/7 in addition to contacts for telephone service, we also have Online Service. Our cleaning services are performed to respect quality standards, offering the customer the best possible cleaning service, whether for individuals or companies. We clean everything from home cleaning to post-cleaning services as well as large commercial spaces such as entire buildings at the end of the work, factories, pavilions, warehouses, etc. We have specialized cleaning products of the highest quality, environmentally friendly, and PH Neutral in the vast majority, industrial vacuum cleaners with high suction of solids and liquids.

Products and Services

Office Cleaning
Warehouse Cleaning
Residential Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Other Commercial Cleaning
Gyms & Schools
Tile and Grout Cleaning