Strata Worldwide

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Head Office

Unit 1
8 Channel Road

Mayfield West NSW 2304
+61 2 4960 9705

ABN  56080975355

Company Profile

Strata Worldwide is a global leading provider of safety and communication technologies for the mining, tunnelling and many other industries. The company offers a suite of advanced solutions that are backed by over 30 years of experience. Strata has consistently introduced technologies to bridge the gap between both surface and underground operations and between varying mining environments. We have built upon our product portfolio that now includes the best in engineered secondary roof supports, coal mining ventilation control, emergency refuge chambers, Stone dusting systems, underground communications and remote monitoring networks and proximity detection systems.

Products and Services

Proximity Detection Systems
Collision avoidance Systems
Personnel and equipment Tracking
Communication systems
Monitoring and control systems
Emergency Refuge Chambers
Engineered Roof Supports
Stone Dusting System's