Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning Pty Ltd

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Adelaide SA 5000
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Global Centre for Work Applied Learning (GCWAL) empowers individuals, teams, and organisations to learn to enable change. Our suite of change programmes is designed for people from starting graduates to senior management. Each programme uses our consultative work-applied learning (WAL) process to achieve change, whether at an individual, team or organisational level. Programme participants learn relevant business and management concepts but apply them in a real-life project during the programme. All programmes are delivered in a virtual mode so that participants continue to be at work while undertaking their programme. The WAL process has been used in industries such as shipping, construction, public sector, defence, postal delivery both in Australia and overseas for more than 40 years. Past clients who have undertaken similar programmes include Australian Institute of Business, Australia Post, South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service and Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

Products and Services

Programmes for Individual Change
Graduate Work Readiness
Facilitating Action Learning Teams
Negotiated Professional Development
Programmes for Manager and Team Change
Implementing Work-based Change
Entrepreneurs as Change Leaders
Programmes for Organisational Change
WAL 1 for Change
WAL 2 for Change
WAL 3 for Change
While our focus is on the professional development of our participants, optional pathways are available with advanced standing towards Masters qualifications at certain institutions of higher learning.