Marine Systems Technology Ltd.

Contact Details

Unit 8, Road 3
Winsford Industrial Estate
Winsford England
United Kingdom CW7 3PD

+44 1606 838190
+44 7918 743907
+44 1606 841333

Company Profile

Marine Systems Technology Ltd. is a UK limited liability company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of PaR Systems LLC, with its offices located in Winsford, Cheshire, UK.
Notably, Marine Systems Technology is part of the larger US-based PaR Marine division, with MST heading up the European operation.
Marine Systems Technology Ltd. (MST) supplies mission-critical door systems and bespoke material handling equipment for naval vessels. The business founded in 2003, based on its Comfire composite technology, has since supplied the Type 45 warships and the 'Queen Elizabeth Class' aircraft carriers. This included the structural, fire-rated Watertight, Weathertight and Gastight door systems on the 'Queen Elizabeth Class' aircraft carriers and currently MST is supplying the Type 26 GCS with Doors, Hatches & Scuttles, as well as the hangar X-Y maintenance crane.