Rocks Gone Pty Ltd

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Unit 3
3 Atlas Court

Welshpool WA 6106
+61 8 9288 2993
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ABN  20606496799

Company Profile

Rocks Gone Pty Ltd is a Western Australian family owned and run business providing in-situ rock crushing solutions to the civil and mining industry. We design and construct the Reefinator rock crushing machines, for sale and offer wet hire contracting. The Reefinator rock crushing equipment is specifically designed to crush down in-situ sheet rock very quickly and cheaply, whether exposed or submerged under soils, eliminating oversize rock waste, leaving a level trafficable surface with usable crushed material. It is driven by a scraper tractor or dozer, and is designed to crush, rip, and level exposed or submerged sheet rock, rocky ridges, and extreme hard pans of laterite, sandstone, limestone, and basalt rock. Adopting the Reefinator technology into road construction activities eliminates the need to cart in additional crushed material or remove the large oversize waste rock normally associated with traditional dozer ripping methods.

Products and Services

H9 Reefinator Civil and mining rock crusher
H4 Reefinator Agricultural rock crusher
Rockstar ribbed roller rock crusher