Green2View Pty Limited

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53 Bardwell Road
Bardwell Park NSW 2207
+61 2 9567 1512
+61 420 983 243

ABN  15168918518

Company Profile

Green2View is an Australian Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) sustainability software and data benchmarking company. We are a certified BCorp, signatory to the TCFD, Australian Banking and Finance Oath and UN SME Climate Hub. Our core focus is to help customers of all size and industry sectors confidently meet their ESG objectives, commitments, internal governance and regulatory compliance requirements through providing innovative, world-class ESG performance management, communications and reporting solutions. The Green2View ESG suitability platform provides a 'real-time' secure cloud-based sustainability performance management and communications solution. Our dynamic platform creates an 'environment of transparency' around ESG data and policies - (resource usage, carbon emissions, climate action, diversity and inclusion, human rights, anti-corruption), and other components of ESG, compliance and reporting and extends this into the management of the supply chain.

Products and Services

Real-time ESG sustainability position - single platform
Performance Monitoring Modules - Capture, Analyse, Monitor, Present
ESG Supply Chain Management Module - Monitor, Assess, Pre-qualify, Benchmark
Sustainability Communications Channel - Engage, Communicate, Showcase
Reports Module
Knowledge Base Module - Internal & External Stakeholders
Carbon Offsetting & Consulting


Certified BCorp (3 years)
The Australian Banking and Finance Oath - 100% certified signatory
The Financial Stability Board Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD Signatory
The United Nations SME Climate Hub signatory