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Comaple has been supplying electrical material, instrumentation and communications for more than 25 years in sectors as meticulous as the petrochemical industry, refineries, the iron and steel industry, the cement industry, exploration, mining, and the generation of both traditional and renewable energy.

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Calle del Castillo
Comunidad de Madrid Madrid
Spain 28010
+34 918 152461
+61 03 8353 9661
Environmental solutions for water/seawater/wastewater intakes screening, biofouling control and fish and mammal deflection systems. Non contact monitoring for VOCs, THMs and Ammonia. Engineering, Maintenance Planning, root cause analysis. 30+ years experience with Power Stations, Desalination Plants, Oil Refineries, Municipal Water and Waste Water and Industrial plants.
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+61 8 9387 3275
Generators and Off-Grid Energy Hire, Sales, Installation and Service
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UNGANCO was established to support Asset Owners with limited internal resources to undertake specialized short term projects
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