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APC Technology designs and manufactures harsh environment computer systems and touchscreen displays.Our strength is in customising systems to suit end user requirements. APC Technology also offers a range intrinsically safe/hazardous location computers and peripherals, rugged notebook/tablet PCs, in-vehicle PCs, sealed keyboards and printer systems - suitable for the toughest of environments. Solutions designed, manufactured and certified by APC Technology are in use in the following industries:- Aerospace, Agriculture, Defence & Security, Food Processing, Energy & Resources, Hazardous locations, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Process & Control, Rail, Transport, Logistics & Utilities.

Products and Services

  • Communication Systems
  • Mission Control Systems
  • Industrial Grade PCs & Displays
  • In-vehicle computing systems
  • Intrinsically safe equipment
  • Consoles & Rackmounts


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 9100 (in progress)
  • IECEx zone 0,1 and 2 certified products

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Head Office
991 Port Road
Cheltenham SA 5014
ABN  76497109667
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+61 7 4633 0466
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