Industry Capability Network (ICN) South Australia

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Head office

250 Victoria Square
Level 8

Adelaide SA 5000
1300 553 309

ABN  83524915929

Company Profile

Industry Capability Network (ICN) is a business network that introduces Australian and New Zealand companies to projects large and small. In essence, we offer a new business source for suppliers and a sophisticated search service for project managers. ICN could well be described as the innovative industry matchmaker. Our role is to find the suppliers and service providers who are best equipped to meet the requirements of hundreds of projects across Australia and New Zealand. Every day we work with local suppliers and project managers to help save valuable time and money in the procurement process. We also help to secure billions of dollars in contracts and jobs that may otherwise have gone overseas. If you're a major project developer, we can put you in contact with the best suppliers. If you're a supplier, we can connect you with the best projects planned or already underway across Australia and New Zealand - and around the world.

Products and Services

Local industry participation
Import replacement
Business matching
Targeted capability searches
Tariff Concession Order
ICN Gateway workshops