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The Precinct - Level 6/10 Herb Elliott Ave
Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

+61 180 077 7580
+61 3 5564 6466

ABN  77288189649

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Warrnambool VIC

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Envirofluid is an active environmental company, manufacturing specialty chemicals that provide solutions to problems removing risk and improving organisational efficiencies. Founded in 1992, we are Australian made and owned with exports globally, working with Work Safe, Environmentally Compliant Maintenance Chemicals. We help companies preserve and care for their workforce through smart chemical applications that eliminate workplace hazards and environmental risk. We manufacture Eco-safe industrial cleaners, degreasers and specialty chemicals that protect cleaning surfaces and reduce corrosion with better health and environmental outcomes. Envirofluid serve Defence (NATO N CAGE Z02N8), Mining, Marine, Rail, Aviation, and all heavy industries, believing in a holistic approach to chemical usage. Many WHS issues and system malfunctions are caused by chemicals that erode surfaces, damage components, release harmful toxins, resulting in expensive repairs and health concerns.

Products and Services

Custom equipment design and manufacture includes Parts Washers , Flushing Systems, Weapons Cleaning, Ultrasonics and Packaged Treatment Systems.
Defence https://www.envirofluid.com/industries/government-defence/defence
Mining https://www.envirofluid.com/industries/mining-resources
Parts Washers https://www.envirofluid.com/shop/equipment/parts-washers/purasolve-rotary-parts-washers
Safty Solvents https://www.envirofluid.com/brands/purasolve
Cleaning Equipment https://www.envirofluid.com/product-category/equipment/flushing-rigs