Spinefex - Lifeguard Power Distribution Systems

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Darra QLD 4076

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ABN  14082387380

Company Profile

Having been in the market since 1997, we know that the Australian market needs a product of a high quality that also complies to our strict Australian standards. We have been involved with many major projects across Australia in a diverse range of industries. These include, but are not limited to: Marine Industry: boat/ship building, boat/ship salvage, marina power supply Events: Concerts, Festivals, Circuses Military Desalination plants Hire: All major hire companies across Australia use Lifeguard Construction Infrastructure: Building of the Gateway 2 in Brisbane, various tunnel projects Emergency Services Power Generation. Our support team are involved in the development of the Australian and New Zealand standards and work closely with the standards board to ensure our product meets the standards applicable to the temporary power market.

Products and Services

The Lifeguard range of products comprises units with multiple 3 phase and single phase outlets all combining for a user friendly plug in system, protected always by residual current devices (RCDs) and overload circuit breakers (MCBs).
The Lifeguard range of products also includes an array of site lighting and permanent wall mounted RCD protected work stations.
Our Lifeguard units are weather proof and all enclosures manufactured from highly resilient polyethylene, GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) or stainless steel.
Our Lifeguard units can be used in any situation where a safe temporary power supply is required.