Commons Plumbing (NT) Pty Ltd

Business Profile

Established in 2005 Commons Plumbing (NT) has extensive past project experience as the head contractor and primary subcontractor for commercial, civil and industrial plumbing works. Commons Plumbing (NT) works with clients from Government, Defence and private sectors and specialises in design and construction projects.

Products and Services

  • Commercial, industrial and civil plumbing
  • Specialising in design and construction projects
  • Backflow assessments, testing and servicing
  • Hydrant flow testing
  • Recycling of rock and concrete
  • Plant and equipment wet hire


  • CAL Accreditation
  • Self-certifying Plumber and Drainer

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Contact Details

Berrimah Office
Unit 8 55 Pruen Road
Berrimah NT 0828
+61 8 8947 5441
ABN  56115032507
+61 8 8203 3100
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