Transmin Pty Ltd

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Head Office

35 Denninup Way
Malaga WA 6090
+61 8 9249 5755
+61 8 9249 6116

ABN  19009244311

Company Profile

Transmin provides innovative engineered equipment, controls & automation supplies and services. Since 1987, we set the standard for mechanical equipment design and application, which is led by our Engineering division, and backed by our Service and Parts divisions. We deliver software specialising in remote equipment operation and systems integrations. Our equipment range covers bulk material-handling applications 'From Plant to Port'. This includes a range of feeders and conveyors, bulk loading and unloading hoppers, hydraulic boom systems and attachments, isolation gates, reagent preparation and processing facilities, lime preparation facilities, ball-charging systems, silos and more. The Transmin-ConveyorPro Range has been compiled to include belts, rollers, idlers, pulleys, cleaners and detection systems. Outside of the ConveyorPro brand, we've partnered with a selection of trusted industry names including Berco, Thermo Scientific and RotaVal.

Products and Services

Ball mills
Ball storage and sorting systems
Rockbreaker Boom systems
Belt Feeders
Hybrid Feeders
Low Profile Feeders
Isolation gates
Flocculant and reagent systems
Lime preparation systems
Bucket elevators
Bin activators
Bulk hoppers
Conveyor Supplies