Andro Maritime Service Australia Pty Ltd

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22 Wolfe Rd
Oakford WA 6121
+61 8 9314 7177
+61 417 477 177

ABN  67164744352

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Andro Maritime Services Australia has been in operation since 1996. In that time, the Fremantle based organisation has provided clients Australia-wide with vessel hire for activities such as: . Hydrographic Surveys . Shallow Water Surveys . Environmental Surveys . Marine Logistics . Harbour Contracting . Security Patrol . Crew Transfer . Marine Construction . Dredging Support . ROV Support . AUV Support . Port Security Our surveying services can aid you in searching out new assets and clarifying complex reservoir structures. We work with some of the world leaders in Bathymetric survey using the latest technology. We also have qualified Security Personnel trained to patrol exclusion zones set to protect your assets. We have highly trained personnel to handle a diverse range of security tasks, who understand the importance of Port security.

Products and Services

Hydrographic Survey
Enviromental Survey
Crew transfer
Dredging Support vessel
Construction Support vessel