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Victorian Manufacturing Facility

31-33 Gatwick Road Bayswater North
Bayswater North VIC 3153
+61 3 9720 4200
+61 414 606 319
+61 3 9720 5050

ABN  80109683909

Company Profile

Expanded Polystyrene Blocks Foamex Expanded Polystyrene Blocks can be shaped, cut, or laminated for use in a variety of applications including: Civil engineering applications such as bridges, roads, and carparks Insulation for building construction, cold storage, and coolrooms Refrigeration insulation Decorative architectural profiles for buildings Packaging Features and Benefits Durable and long-lasting Lightweight for easy application Strong and sturdy for long-lasting applications Weather resistant Low water absorption Acoustic benefits Provides thermal insulation CFC free Complies with Australian Building Standards Foamex expanded polystyrene blocks and sheets are manufactured from a fire retardant raw material and are not an undue fire hazard when correctly installed.

This company produces in Australia and more than 50% of the cost of making thier products occurrs within Australia.

Products and Services

Polystyrene Sheets
Polystyrene Blocks
Polystyrene Cladding
Polystyrene Insulation
PurlinK Insulation
Underfloor Insulation