MPCKINETIC - Kinetic Chemicals

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Warehouse, Factory, Office, Laboratory

15 Magnesium St
Narangba QLD 4504
+61 7 3204 8577
+61 419 994 497
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ABN  38010867759

Company Profile

With a strong background in oil and gas products and services, MPC Kinetic has extensive experience in: Recruiting experienced and dynamic personnel Development of specialty production chemicals Flexible field servicing and troubleshooting Field and system reviews State of the art R&D Short manufacturing lead times and flexible delivery capabilities MPC Kinetic currently supplies an extensive range of specialty chemicals, commodity products and services to a broad range of customers, including but not limited to; Shell/QGC Arrow Energy Chevron Santos Origin Energy STOS TAG Oil Todd Energy Beach Energy Senex Energy Possessing global alliances with major chemical manufacturers, MPC Kinetic is well placed to provide high quality, cost effective speciality chemicals and commodity products and has the experience to provide our customers with the best possible package.

Products and Services

Water Clarifiers
Pour Point Depressants
Wax Dispersants
Scale Inhibitors
Clay Fine Dispersants/Pipe unblocking chemicals
Gas Dehydration - TEG, MEG, Neutralisers
Corrosion Inhibitors
Well Deliquification: Foamers and Antifoam
Fuel Additives
Gas Scavengers
Descaling Acids
Reverse Osmosis Antiscalants, Biocides, commodities
Tanaka Pour Point unit.
Rotating Cylinder Electrode - 4 Cell corrosion monitoring.
Dynamic Scale Loop - Advanced scaling simulation up to 250 degrees Celsius and 400Bar pressure.


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 18001
Achilles Audited