Romex Australia Pty Ltd

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15 Kitchener Ave
Burswood WA 6100
+61 8 9470 5823
+61 8 9470 1295

ABN  54009071112

Company Profile

Romex Australia Pty Ltd was established in 1983. We manufacture hardware and software for various industrial applications, including ticket machines for parking, public transport and venues, automatic car park systems, boom gates, vehicle licence plate recognition, LED signs, parking bay sensors, EVC (electric vehicle charge) stations, tracking arrays for solar power. Romex provides customer reports to help monitor any aspect of their systems, helping to improve efficiency, save time and costs. We provide 24-hour support with quick response to reduce time and increase customer satisfaction. In addition to the reports, software can be customised to automate and optimize all operations. Our systems can be controlled from any device without installing cumbersome software allowing maximum convenience and speed. Romex is developing state of the art applications for android and iPhone to allow payments anytime and anywhere.

Products and Services

24 Hour Support
LED Signs
Contactless readers for doors
Solar - sun tracking arrays