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Wilson Security is one of Australia's largest, integrated security solutions service provider. We offer security services that include guarding (access control, static security, foot patrols), mobile patrols and alarm response, secure logistics / cash in transit, design, implementation and maintenance of security technology solutions and emergency medical response officers.

Products and Services

  • Services include:
  • Guarding - Access Control, Static Security, Foot Patrols
  • Mobile Patrols and Alarm Response
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of security technology solutions
  • Secure Logistics / Cash in Transit
  • Emergency and Medical Response Officers
  • 24/7 Operational Support through our national operations centre

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Other Locations

Essendon Fields VIC
+61 7 3722 4100
With over 6,400 employees across the nation, our business is a leader in the Australian security, medical and rescue industries. With demonstrated and accredited safety and quality systems, we offer our clients the assurance of partnering with a reliable and professional service provider. With the recent acquisition of a majority shareholding in Southern Cross Protection (SXP) by our parent company, the MSS Security group of companies now incorporates mobile patrols, alarm monitoring and response services, and electronic security solutions. We have unrivalled experience in managing service requirements across all market sectors and we offer a culture of training, development and continuous improvement.
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+61 13 0094 7359
Wisely's approach is to understand our client, their needs and provide a solution through collaboration and engagement that will deliver the performance and outcomes required. Wisely Group is an Australian privately-owned company providing professional services and asset management solutions to meet industry challenges. We support a broad range of sectors across Queensland and Australasia including Rail, Power and Energy, Sugar/Agriculture, Mining and Resources, Water, Ports and Infrastructure, Aviation, Defence, Oil and Gas, Transport and Logistics. The Wisely Group of companies have an unrivalled safety record and actively promote a business culture that focuses on the safe delivery of work. Wisely is ISO certified across Safety, Environment and Quality (ISO9001/14001/45001 and AS/NZ4801) and have a disciplined approach to ongoing development and improvement of our service delivery and operating processes.
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+61 2 6203 9500
Aspen Medical is an Australian-owned, global provider of healthcare solutions across a diverse range of sectors including Defence, Resources, Government, Humanitarian, Aeromedical and more recently, COVID-19. We offer clients a tailored and flexible service wherever it is needed - from a single paramedic to a full-spectrum solution involving a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, ambulances, medical facilities including mobile health units and mobile surgeries, equipment, consumables, pharmacy products, procedures and aero-medical evacuation services including the company's own aviation assets. We operate across Australasia, the Pacific, the US, Europe, Africa and the Gulf Region.
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