West Coast Fasteners Pty Ltd

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The supply of all manner of fasteners

Products and Services

  • Fastener supplies, nuts, bolts, hold down bolts and earthmoving


  • All the bolts WCF supply conform to the relevant standard and full accreditation and certificates can be supplied upon request

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Unit 4, 13 Gibberd Road
Balcatta WA 6021
+61 8 9240 2750
+61 411 427 528
ABN  31068608168
+61 7 3265 2267
Wholesaler of specialised industrial fasteners for any industry requiring fastener and tooling solutions above and beyond a nut and bolt. Profast has the expertise to increase productivity, reduce in place costs and improve designs through it's range of high strength engineered fasteners and installation tooling.
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+61 08 8984 4580
PCM Group specialises in asset maintenance associate with oil & gas, mining, rail and marine, power generation, industrial tank (water & petro chemical), bridges, towers and spans, pipelines, wharves and jetties. Providing turnkey operations where all services that are require to conduct refurbishment programs can be delivered from the one contractor is what sets us apart from the competition. Our Vision is to enable our customers to continually deliver their operations safely and efficiently, by maximising asset life of supporting infrastructure critical to businesses delivering services, products and operations. Innovation, Health and Safety, Determination, Accountability and Integrity are the key values that enables us to consistently deliver quality, effective and cost efficient services.
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+61 18 0000 6901
AZANO is a certified intelligent engineering solutions company SPECIALISING in design, manufacture, supply, installation and support of fully automated Bagging Systems, Batching Systems, Food Processing Machinery, Weighing Machinery, Inspection and Contamination Detection equipment including X-Ray & Metal Detection, Robotic Palletising, Incoming & Outgoing Conveyor Systems, Dust Suppression and Water Treatment Facilities.
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