The Valve Company

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Head Office

Unit 3
17 Casino Street

Welshpool WA 6106
+61 8 9353 2565

ABN  13093052192

Company Profile

The Valve Company (TVC) is an Australian Company, founded in Western Australia in 1994 as a service-based company specialising in valves and controls and associated pipeline equipment. Its own brand of Butterfly, Ball and Globe valves have been trusted by our clients in the Australian Market for over 27 years, and we have world class established brands for Knifegate, Municipal Butterfly, Diaphragm, Check, Gate and Air valves. TVC was established to serve the mining, power generation, water, and sewerage utilities sector both directly and through the maintenance alliances and general industry. We have grown to become a premier stockist and supplier for a variety of high-quality standard and custom-made products to the Australian heavy industry. The company currently holds major supply contracts within the Mining Industry and has participated in mining construction and Municipal Water projects throughout Australia.

Products and Services

Valve supply and consultancy, actuation & control
assemblies including mounting, testing and fitting of
solenoids, limit switches and positioners are available
with most of this work being done in-house. Machining, client modification and repairs are carried out by approved sub-contractors to our client's requirements.


All The Valve Company suppliers are ISO 9001 accredited.
The Valve Company has the appropriate OH&S and HR
policies which govern our companies philosophies for
an inclusive and happy workplace.